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COVID-19 – A view from across the Globe – Italy

As someone that found it very difficult, in the early days of lockdown, to read and watch the press surrounding the current pandemic, I realised I was not fully aware of what was going on in other parts of the world and how greater knowledge could answer some questions I had about what was happening in England.

While considering what the next few months had in store for those of us living in England and mainly thinking about what I would do come September if the children could not go back to school, I decided to reach out to friends and family around the world to find out what was happening for them and how they had been affected by COVID-19. I asked a serious of questions and thought I would share these with you.

The following features answers from my second cousin, Alberto who lives in Bologna.

What date was the country put in lockdown?

09 March 2020

What date was lockdown eased and what measures were different?

On 4th of May the lockdown eased and started the phase 2. During this phase the most important economic activities re-started with strictly anti-covid19 protocols to follow.

Has lockdown been lifted altogether?

Not completely but all the protocols are gradually eased

What was the highest peak of deaths in one day?

27 March with 919 deaths

Are the hospitals back to normal or are they only dealing with cases of corona?

 At the moment the trend is consistently decreasing and the hospitals are back to normal

What is your government saying now which you think would be interesting for English readers to hear?

Since the pandemic is not ended please do not let your guard down, continue to follow the security basic protocols, avoid gatherings.

If you had a high/low death toll are you able to give your view on why you think that is?

The most interesting area is the Lombardy region for a series of elements that the experts are studying.

What do you do for a job and how has it been affected by corona?

I work in the automotive sector which has been strongly affected by the pandemic. I’m working from home since the situation is not completely safe.

When did schools re-open and did the children go back as normal (here they only reopened to a few year groups on the 1st June and most children are only 2 days a week)?

The topic is currently under discussion by the government.

When did shops and restaurants reopen? Are they operating differently?

Starting from the 04 May and they have security protocols to respect, like the mandatory use of masks, reduction of the covers and distance between tables

Do you know if the Courts functioned during lockdown and if not, are they back to normal now?

They were closed