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For all UK employers, the coronavirus pandemic raises points relating to employment law, immigration, data protection and health and safety. Our clients know that they must take steps to protect both their employees and their business – two priorities that may seem to be conflicting during this time.

While many of your employees can continue to perform their day-to-day roles from home with little disruption, others are left unable to deliver the key areas of their role remotely or you find that they are underutilised because business is slow.

The Governments coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has offered some relief to many businesses, allowing you to retain staff even if some or all your business must cease for a period, and receive a grant from HMRC.

Severe restriction on global travel is causing additional problems for many employers. Initially guidance only referred to Chinese nationals, but this has now been extended to other nationalities. Employers are still trying to understand what this will mean for them. Our immigration experts are monitoring the government guidance and can help our employer clients to understand and plan around these changes.

Our employment team is on hand to help employers with issues arising from the JRS and all other employment matters during this time. We understand the pressures that employers are under at the moment and are on hand to provide smart and effective solutions to help alleviate that pressure.