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£28,000 payout to cathedral staff

£28,000 payout to cathedral staff

Six staff at Durham Cathedral bookshop have been paid £28,000 between them after being sacked when the store was unexpectedly shut.

The employees won the payouts after an employment law case was brought against American proprietors Phil and Mark Brewer who closed down the shop

The payouts ranged from £2,000 to £11,000 and covered compensation, redundancy, unpaid wages, holiday pay, notice period pay and the failure of the bosses to adequately explain the dismissals.

Joan Cummins, one of the employees sacked, was "delighted" with the result, according to the Northern Echo, telling the paper: "It was never about the money. We've got our justice."

Dianah Worman, diversity adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, recently warned that older women could take action over disputes regarding their capability if they are not given training.

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