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63% of Britons have no will

63% of Britons have no will

Nearly two-thirds of Britons (63%) do not have a will – with many people employing a "head-in-the sand" approach to them, according to a new study.

Investment managers Brewin Dolphin found that 57% of married couples do not have a will, meaning they would have no control over their houses, savings or possessions if either of them were to die without creating one.

The main triggers for people creating a will are said to be childbirth (18%), reaching a landmark age (15%), marriage (13%) or taking out a mortgage (12%). The sudden death of a friend or family member can prompt people to draft a will, and did so in 11% of the cases in the study.

Meanwhile, factors which were found to delay people writing their wills are: not thinking they have enough assets or possessions to make it worthwhile (30%), thinking they are too young (24%) or simply seeing it as not important at the present time (another 24%). A total of 13% think the idea is just too morbid to think about.

Jacqueline Almond, partner in the Wills, Trusts and Probate team at IBB Solicitors commented:

“Will making should definitely be on the 2012 resolution lists for 63 percent of British residents.

"Dying without a will could create a raft of problems for those left behind. Many assume that their estate will automatically go to their closest family, but if you die ‘intestate’ (without a will), that may not necessarily be the case. Your heirs may not receive what you wish to pass onto them, or your assets could be reduced through inheritance tax."

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