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Brain damaged boy receives £6.4m

Brain damaged boy receives £6.4m

An eight-year-old boy severely brain damaged at birth because of medical negligence at an NHS centre has been awarded £6.4 million compensation.

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust will pay the money to Theo Kramer, of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, on behalf of the Edgware Birth Centre in north-west London.

A judge approved the total at London's High Court and told the boy's parents, Janet Evans and Earnie Kramer, that he had "admiration and sympathy" for them.

"It is, I'm afraid, not unique to read about events as awful as these," Mr Justice Tugendhat said. "But one sitting as a judge can only be in admiration of the way in which Theo's parents have looked after him."

Solicitors acting on behalf of the boy's family issued a statement after the hearing, saying the trust "has admitted the birth centre was negligent and was responsible for the appalling injuries suffered by little Theo".

In a statement, the trust offered its "sincere apologies" to Theo and his family, and added: "It is hoped that the settlement, which provides for a regular stream of income throughout Theodore's life, will ensure that he achieves his full potential."

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