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Brain-Damaged Girl Awarded £4m Compensation Payout

Brain-Damaged Girl Awarded £4m Compensation Payout

A hospital has been ordered to pay millions of pounds in personal injury compensation to a 10-year-old girl who suffered brain damage when she was deprived of oxygen at birth. Emily Dye was born at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital with severe cerebral palsy and will require full-time care for the rest of her life, High Court judge Mr Justice Stuart-Smith was told.

Damages Settlement For ‘Happy and Sociable’ Girl

He approved a settlement for the “happy and sociable” little girl that will see Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust paying out an initial £1.96 million and yearly payments that could total £4.5 million. Mr Justice Stuart-Smith said he hoped the money would make life easier for Emily and her devoted parents Justin and Joanne Dye, from Easton in Norwich. Mrs Dye said the main priority is to make sure Emily has the best treatment, a good quality of life and someone to care for her when she and her husband can no longer do it. “Every parent whose child suffers a brain injury must have similar concerns – how do we get the best possible treatment to maximise their quality of life and who will look after them if there comes a time when we are no longer able to do so?” she said. “We are pleased and relieved that we can now be sure that there will be sufficient funds to pay for Emily’s continuing therapies and care.”

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