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Business reforms to cut red tape

Business reforms to cut red tape

The minimum consultation legally required for large-scale redundancies will be halved this weekend from 90 days to 45 is part of a welter of new rules to cut red tape.

These changes come in the wake of concerns raised by businesses. Issues have been noted from a series of consultations, including the Red Tape Challenge, which invites companies to give their opinions on which rules should be improved or scrapped. Ministers say the change to redundancy rules give businesses better room to restructure, while also making sure that meaningful consultation with workers takes place.

Other changes include:

  • Simplifying the way companies use their assets to raise finance
  • Switching registration and payment online
  • Introducing a UK-wide registration system

The push to uncomplicate health and safety requirements continues with the scrapping of a raft of redundant or unnecessary regulations in spheres such as celluloid film, shipbuilding and ship repair.

Business Minister Michael Fallon said that as well as cutting the overall burden of regulation, the Government is sharpening up how rules are enforced. He added:

“We’ll make sure regulation works in the public interest without stifling law-abiding firms and hampering growth.”

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