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City firms ‘sexually discriminate’

City firms ‘sexually discriminate’

A significant number of recruiters in the City of London confess to still having sexist attitudes within their companies, which can lead to career challenges for their female employees, according to a Poolia report.

While many are positive about prospects for women in their businesses, a considerable minority admit that things are different.

Almost a fifth of the senior women recruiters questioned believe their firm discriminates against women when recruiting for senior management roles – even though they had published diversity policies.

Nearly 30% said women do not have the same opportunities as men, while up to half believe women who take their full maternity leave will harm their career.

Consequently, almost a quarter of female recruiters interviewed believe career-oriented women should take a shorter maternity break.

In terms of flexible working, almost 40% of the 50 female City managers and directors questioned see flexible working and work-life balance as a career-losing option, with 28% saying it is only taken up by junior people or working mothers with no choice.

Some 5% claim it is seen as sending a signal to management that they are not serious about their careers, and 2% say it is a one-way ticket to redundancy when times get hard.

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