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Consultation on Grievance Code Launched

Consultation on Grievance Code Launched

Workplace relations body Acas is seeking opinion on a proposal to alter its Discipline and Grievance Code of Practice. The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service has begun a consultation on a revision of workers’ rights to have someone else with them at a grievance or disciplinary meeting.

Earlier this year an Employment Appeal Tribunal raised concerns that the Code didn’t do enough to clarify the statutory right of accompaniment law. Firms are advised to speak to employment law specialists to ensure their discipline and grievance procedures are correct. The wording doesn’t “accurately interpret the law” according the chair of the Acas Council, Ed Sweeney. He said the organisation had decided to change the detail. “We recognise that the current wording does not accurately interpret the law which is why we have decided to amend the Code,” he said. “Although comments are not being sought on the Code as a whole at this point in time, we will continue to keep it under review.”

The consultation is now open and will close on Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

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