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Dog law extends to private property

Dog law extends to private property

New legislation extending dangerous dogs law to make it an offence for a dog to be dangerously out of control in any place, including all private property, has been published.

Owners now face prosecution if their dogs attack people at any location, including private property and even their own homes under the new regulations, providing extra protection for postal, utility company and healthcare workers who visit private properties as part of their jobs. Dog owners face punishments of unlimited fines or prison sentences of up to two years if convicted.

Trespassers and burglars will not be protected if they are attacked by dogs. The change only applies in England and Wales, as do alterations to the regulations concerning attacks to assistance dogs such as guide dogs, but a banned breed amendment covers the whole of the UK.

Animal Welfare Minister Lord de Mauley said: “Out of control dogs are just as much a threat on private property as in public places. We are extending the law so that owners who allow their dogs to be dangerously out of control anywhere can be brought to justice.”

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