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Green site battle ‘to go the distance’

Green site battle ‘to go the distance’

The fate of a section of land in west London will now be decided in May, it has been revealed.

Campaigners are committed to preventing the Medi Parc area in Harefield from being redeveloped, insisting that the green space is in fact a village green.

Nine days of debate have already taken place and the case will resume next month when redeveloper Comer Homes will introduce its witnesses to proceedings.

It will then be decided whether the stretch of land should be classified as a village green, with campaigners saying that they have been able to use the land for 20 years.

Comer Homes, on the other hand, have presented plans from the 1990s which show there was a fence separating the Medi Parc from neighbouring woodland so people should not have been using it as a public space.

Campaigner Tina Wane said: "Apparently most village green inquiries only last about three days. Both sides are fighting so hard and this one is going the distance.”

Speaking about the recent hearings, she added: "Some people have been coming every day which we think is wonderful, it really does help.”

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