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HS2 link ‘may cut Heathrow flights’

HS2 link ‘may cut Heathrow flights’

The new HS2 rail link could cut thousands of domestic flights from Heathrow – possibly hitting jobs in west London, according to the latest figures. Initial estimates from BAA show the high speed rail line will replace between 9,000 to 10,000 air journeys every year.

Last year, there were 45,806 domestic services to and from Heathrow, but the new rail link will result in around a 22% drop. The operator’s figures are based on the full direct link to Heathrow, including the route to Leeds and Manchester, expected to be in place by 2032.

Fewer flights will be hit by phase one, due to run from London to Birmingham with an interchange at Old Oak Common, allowing for onward travel to Heathrow. Long haul routes to emerging economies could replace these free slots. There have been widespread calls for a third runway at Heathrow, with politicians urged to safeguard the economy and jobs in west London.

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