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HS2 Route Proposal Could be Altered

HS2 Route Proposal Could be Altered

The proposed route of the controversial HS2 rail project could still be altered, although campaigners remain sceptical. Ian Jordan, a director of the HS2 project for the Leeds and Manchester sections of the route, said that the planned route was “by no means a foregone conclusion”. During a visit to Leeds to discuss the £40bn rail scheme with home and business owners claiming to be affected, Mr Jordan said that changes might be made to the route once the consultation process was finished. However, one campaigner against HS2 said he was “very sceptical” about whether the planned route would actually be altered. Mr Jordan commented:

“We will reflect and advise the secretary of state whether there are ways in which we can improve what we are currently proposing. We’ll be open to doing things better, if we find ways of doing things better and that might mean making changes to the route.”

The proposed section of the line from Birmingham to Leeds is expected to open in 2032–33. The fully completed HS2 line will carry passengers at 250 mph (402 km/h) from London to Leeds and Manchester via Birmingham.

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