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Instructor’s family get payment

Instructor’s family get payment

Relatives of a driving teacher who was killed after he stood in front of an LGV which failed to successfully carry out an emergency stop have received £178,357 in damages.

Alan Underwood died in the incident at the A5 Truck Shop at Crick, near Northampton, judge Sir Christopher Holland heard at London's High Court.

Mr Underwood, 48, was teaching Corinne Radburn how to complete the manoeuvre safely in March 2008, when the training lorry failed to brake from its 20mph speed and he could not get out of its path.

Mr Underwood was a conscientious man who had misplaced faith in the driver, the judge said. He said he was taking a risk allowing someone to drive at him, but was doing so in order to check whether the 18-ton vehicle deviated when it braked.

Bruce Gardiner – counsel for Mr Underwood's widow Dawn, 13-year-old son Alan, and daughter Reann, five – said the full value of the claim was £250,000 but it was agreed that this should be reduced by 30% to reflect contributory negligence.

The judge approved sums of £150,357 to Mrs Underwood, of Clinton Road, Far Cotton, Northamptonshire, and £10,500 and £17,500 for Alan and Reann respectively.

The damages will be paid by the insurers of Mr Underwood's employers and Mrs Radburn, of Rugby, Warwickshire.

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