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Jobseeker age discrimination ‘rife’

Jobseeker age discrimination ‘rife’

Age discrimination against jobseekers is described as “endemic” in a new report. More than four out of five jobseekers aged over 50 think they are seen as too old by recruiters, according to the study by The Age and Employment Network (TAEN).

Around three-quarters of the 800 respondents in the survey said potential employers believe they are either over-qualified or too experienced for a role. And moves to increase the retirement age may have actually had a detrimental effect rather than a positive one, according to some of those questioned in the poll. That is due to the perception that employers worry it will be harder to lay off older staff in future so therefore they are more reluctant to take them on in the first place.

TAEN chief executive Chris Ball said there continue to be “obstacles” for older people searching for work despite the fact that discrimination against older jobseekers was outlawed by the 2006 Age Regulations. “Our survey confirms that the challenge of ending age discrimination is as relevant as ever,” he added.

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