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Legal challenge against HS2 scheme

Legal challenge against HS2 scheme

The Transport Secretary has been served a formal letter warning that a rebel alliance of 18 councils is to mount a legal challenge against the Government’s high-speed rail plans. The alliance, made up primarily of Tory councils, is vehemently opposed to the £34 billion British bullet-train HS2 scheme.

It has named itself ’51m’ because supporters say the scheme will cost £51 million for every parliamentary constituency. The group has served Conservative Transport Secretary Justine Greening with a formal letter warning they will mount a challenge by way of judicial review unless she rescinds her decision to proceed with it. Councillor Martin Tett, leader of Buckinghamshire County Council, speaking on behalf of 51m group, said:

“We are taking this stance with regret. We would far rather that the Government had listened to the people of this country who have decisively rejected this massively expensive project and instead opted for the far better, cheaper and more quickly delivered alternative.”

Critics who support the line said such action would be “a waste of time and money.” Meanwhile a spokesman for the Department for Transport (DfT) said: “This is not a decision that we have taken lightly or without great consideration.” Miss Greening gave the green light to the HS2 project on January 10 saying it would create jobs and growth and was “the most significant transport infrastructure project since the building of the motorways”. The first phase of the HS2 line between London and Birmingham is scheduled to be operational by 2026, and be extended later to northern England.

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