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Massive Payout for Glue Injection Error

Massive Payout for Glue Injection Error

A girl whose brain was accidentally injected with glue during treatment at a children’s hospital has been awarded millions in damages.

Maisha Najeeb was a healthy 10-year-old until she went into Great Ormond Street Hospital in June 2010. She went in with a rare condition that involved arteries and veins becoming twisted, which could result in a bleed. Maisha was injected with glue instead of a harmless dye that was meant to help medical staff monitor her bloodflow. This caused her injury after the syringes got mixed up, London’s High Court heard.

On Monday (January 27), Judge Birtles approved a settlement against Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children NHS Trust of a £2.8 million lump sum. Maisha will also receive £383,000 per year until she is 19, rising to £423,000 a year for the rest of her life. In the past she had successfully received embolisation treatment, which involves injecting glue to head off bleeding blood vessels. Solicitors said this time there was no system in place to distinguish between the dye or the glue syringes and they got mixed up. Glue was incorrectly injected into the artery to Maisha’s brain, causing catastrophic and lasting brain damage.

The trust admitted liability for Maisha’s injuries and reiterated its unreserved apologies for the shortcomings in her care. Neil Block QC, said: “We hope there are now systems and procedures in place to ensure such a tragic mistake cannot be made again.”

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