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‘Measures needed’ for small firms

‘Measures needed’ for small firms

The Government has been urged to implement measures including suspending new employment laws for a year and stopping a planned rise in fuel duty in order to help small businesses and avoid a jobless recovery from the recession.

Five million smaller companies in the UK require a steadier economy, which will then help create jobs in the wake of public sector cuts, the Federation of Small Businesses has said. The business group briefed MPs in Westminster ahead of the Budget on March 23, and said that other measures such as providing small firms with a national insurance holiday and supporting employers so they can take on more apprentices were also needed. FSB chairman John Walker said:

“The Budget must provide economic stability and look to ways to nurture entrepreneurship and allow small firms to grow in order to create employment opportunities. It is clear that the economy is in a precarious position and small firms that lack confidence in the business environment will find growth risky. The Government does have policies available to show small firms it is serious about supporting growth, such as extending the national insurance holiday to existing businesses that take on new staff and keeping to its manifesto promise and introducing a fuel duty stabiliser.”

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