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Motorcyclist hit by a car awarded compensation package of over £10m for serious brain injuries

Motorcyclist hit by a car awarded compensation package of over £10m for serious brain injuries

A motorcyclist who suffered serious brain damage following a collision with a car has been awarded a compensation package that could total more than £10 million. The money will be used to buy the 31-year-old man a specially adapted home and to pay for a round-the-clock care team.

Severe brain injuries resulting from being hit by a car

Marcel Beasley was travelling home from work at a power station in Nottinghamshire in May 2009 when he was involved in a life-changing accident. Travelling on his Yamaha R6 motorbike, he was overtaking a slow-moving line of traffic when a VW Golf pulled out suddenly in order to turn around in a farm entrance and travel back in the opposite direction. Mr Beasley was left with no time to react and collided with the driver’s door of the car. He was thrown across the road and into a ditch, with the impact tearing the helmet from his head.

Mr Beasley was airlifted to the Queen’s Medical Centre at Nottingham University Hospitals. During the journey, his heart stopped eight times and on arrival, he was rushed to intensive care. He was in a coma for several weeks before being transferred to a specialist brain injury unit, Richard Mews in Northampton, where he remained for 15 months.

The collision left Mr Beasley with severe brain injuries. He suffered a fracture of the skull, multiple soft tissue injuries and is unable to use his left arm due to a brachial plexus injury. He cannot walk unaided and is wheelchair dependent, and the brain injuries he sustained have left him with problems with his speech, understanding and behaviour. As such, he needs specialist 24-hour care for the rest of his life.

Car driver found to be 100% liable for injuries sustained by motorcyclist

Through his uncle and litigation friend, Cadell Beasley, Marcel took his case to the High Court at the Royal Courts of Justice in July 2012, after the driver of the car denied liability. At trial, the Golf driver argued that Mr Beasley had been travelling too fast and was therefore at fault.

However, the judge concluded that the car driver was 100% liable for the collision and therefore for the injuries sustained by Mr Beasley. The driver had pulled out suddenly and quickly, giving the motorcyclist no time to brake or avoid him. The judge maintained that the driver should have seen Mr Beasley approaching as he had been visible for some distance, which is an important judicial recognition that, contrary to popular belief, it cannot be said that it is always motorcyclists that are proceeding dangerously. The judge then approved a compensation package, saying he was “wholly satisfied that this settlement is in the best interests of the claimant”.

Mr Beasley will receive a £4.2 million lump sum payment, which will allow him to move out of his rented farmhouse accommodation where he currently resides with live-in carers. The payment will enable him to purchase a specially adapted home, along with all necessary aids, equipment and adapted vehicles. In addition to the lump sum, he will receive £175,000 per year tax free, which will cover the therapies Mr Beasley needs, along with the cost of employing his specialist 24-hour care team. This payment will be made every year for the rest of his life and the total package could reach £10 million across his lifetime.

Speaking on behalf of his nephew, Cadell Beasley said they both were pleased with the settlement. He said:

“Marcel’s life has dramatically improved and he is getting better every day. Despite doctors initially telling me he might not make it, Marcel is now able to walk with support and his speech is improving. He has even joined a gym and is making the most out of his new situation.”

Victims of car accidents can obtain compensation for their head injuries

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