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Motorway lessons bid in fast lane

Motorway lessons bid in fast lane

Motoring experts are urging the Government to allow learners to have lessons in driving on motorways. Road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is preparing a green paper on learner driving, which calls for early, supervised motorway experience.

The IAM says motorways are the safest roads in the country and other nations such as the US and Australia already allow learners on their freeways and expressways with few restrictions. It says motorway lessons will help new drivers learn the right distances to leave between themselves and vehicles in front of them and not to hog the centre lanes, something the Government recently announced it was cracking down on with £100 fines and three penalty points.

The vast majority of drivers using the motorways of Britain have not received any training to do so, meaning they are learning from experience or mistakes, something the IAM claims is not an ideal situation. It says lessons would allow drivers who are likely to use motorways gain some invaluable knowledge and confidence.

Simon Best, the chief executive of the IAM, says just under three quarters (71%) of accidents on motorways are caused by human error and many drivers using them lack the confidence to do so properly. He said lessons on motorways and refresher courses afterwards would give drivers all the skills they need and also cut incidents and injuries.

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