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Payout for discrimination claim PC

Payout for discrimination claim PC

A former policewoman has been awarded £275,000 after she suffered embarrassing and humiliating sexual remarks during her time as a firearms officer at Gatwick Airport.

Barbara Lynford revealed to an employment tribunal in 2007 how she had been subjected to sexist and discriminatory behaviour after joining an all-male team at the airport in 2002.

A catalogue of discriminatory behaviour was heard by the tribunal, including an incident in which Ms Lynford's colleagues read private messages on her mobile phone and ran over it in a van on the day her grandmother died.

Her boss was openly sexist to her during her time at the airport, where she was also made to work in the presence of pornographic material left out by her colleagues, the tribunal heard.

Ms Lynford painted a picture of slack management at the airport, with staff members facing no repercussions for extending their breaks from a boss who allegedly allowed his team to take "sickies" when they were not unwell.

The tribunal said it was "troubled" by the disregard for Ms Lynford's situation and the lack of support she was offered after being signed off work through stress. The tribunal heard how Ms Lynford, who joined Sussex Police 17 years ago, had taken only one day off sick in the four years leading up to her long-term absence.

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