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Is poker legal in pubs?

Is poker legal in pubs?

Poker is becoming increasingly more popular as a regular event in Public Houses and generally more popular as a result of television broadcasts.

No gambling licence is required in order to play poker in Public Houses provided certain conditions are complied with and limitations adhered to. Poker can be played:-

  • In premises which have a premises licence for the sale of alcohol on the premises.
  • In premises with a bar at which alcohol is served for consumption on the premises whether or not food is also available.
  • At times when alcohol can legally be sold according to the times specified in the premises licence.

Customers can therefore play poker in Pubs at times when alcohol can legally be served. The game or games of poker must not be linked to poker being played in other premises for example using some form of electronic link or internet association between two premises.

Stakes and prize limits

  • Maximum stakes per person per game – £5.
  • Maximum aggregate http://www.besttramadolonlinestore.com total of stakes per premises per day – £100.
  • Prizes – £100 per game.
  • To control the amounts involved “chips” can be used instead of cash.
  • Prizes – maximum limit is £100 per game.

It is important to note that no charge can be made by the pub for players to participate and no deduction from a prize. All the stakes must go back to the players as prizes and there is a strict rule that the Pub or the proprietor of the premises is not allowed to make any money from the gambling. The additional sales of both drink and food would be welcome by most Pubs!

Persons under 18 who may be permitted access to a Pub are not permitted to play poker.

The Gambling Commission advise that the designated premises supervisor (DPS) should be responsible for compliance with the code and ensuring that poker stays within the law. Further information and advice is available from www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk.