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Police “failed to protect” Asperger syndrome sufferer

Police “failed to protect” Asperger syndrome sufferer


IBB’s Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence team comments:

“In this shocking case, Margaret Palmer claims that her grandson Adrian was let down by the police, whom she says “failed to protect him when they had the opportunity to do so”. Adrian was found strangled in a street in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire when he was just 21 years of age.”

Adrian made several reports to the police about his alleged rape in 2006 just four months before his untimely death. Due to the fact that he suffered from Asperger Syndrome, he was seen to not be a credible witness and a prosecution was not made in 2006. As a result Adrian continued to receive threatening telephone messages from the alleged rapist. Adrian’s case may seem extreme but as can be seen from the survey conducted by the National Autistic Society on disability hate crime, it is clear that disabled people are all too often subjected to physical and verbal abuse and exploitation.

A recent report following an inspection carried out by the police, probation and Crown Prosecution Service established that there were failings in the way that hate crimes against disabled individuals were being dealt with. Several recommendations were made within this report and tight timescales for improvement were introduced. As such the importance of the way in which all hate crimes are dealt with should be stressed to ensure that vulnerable victims are appropriately protected. Vulnerable adults should not have to accept such failures in the levels of protection afforded to them. They have the right to be protected and they should be aware of their right to take action should they be put in a position where they have been subjected to such failings.

Where crimes of this nature have been reported to the appropriate authorities, it is essential that they are accurately recorded to be dealt with accordingly. If you believe that you have suffered an injury at the hands of such failings it is important that you seek legal advice.

If you wish to take action there are strict limitation dates in place within which to bring a case. As such it is important that you investigate your prospects of bringing a claim as soon as possible. IBB’s experienced Personal Injury Solicitors can provide advice and assistance if you or a loved one has been affected by a similar incident.