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Report On Institutional Child Abuse

Report On Institutional Child Abuse

Personal injury and abuse suffered in care homes, schools, churches and other settings is still going undetected, a report shows. The National Crime Agency (NCA) report warns that children in institutions such as youth groups, sports clubs and charities are not adequately protected.

The report, entitled The Foundations of Abuse, provides insight into both problematic management structures and the tactics of abusers. Victims of child abuse can speak to child abuse lawyers in confidence. The agency found “bystanders” who are aware of abuse but fail to report it are increasing the likelihood of further ill treatment. Abusers also disguise offending behaviour as special attention or portray the victim as “honoured”, the report found, which confuses the victim or makes it more difficult for them to report. The “thematic assessment” by the NCA’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) operation, which was launched three weeks ago, focuses on child sexual abuse by adults, in institutions. The findings highlight management structures which discourage less established or more junior staff from reporting their suspicions. Unhelpful management set-ups can also allow abusers to gain the trust of children and the vulnerable workers who should be protecting them. Director of the NCA’s CEOP Command, Peter Davies, said:

“The sexual exploitation and abuse of children is most likely when vulnerability meets power. Events of the last year have brought into focus an issue which has, in truth, been in our consciousness for much longer – that there is something about institutions that can amplify both vulnerability and power to a point where sexual abuse of children within them can become endemic.”

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