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Rioters ‘could see benefits docked’

Rioters ‘could see benefits docked’

The benefits provided to convicted criminals could be docked if new Government proposals are approved, according to reports.

The Guardian revealed that crown court judges dealing with those involved in last month's riots could be given the power to take people's benefits away from them.

By offering this power to judges and magistrates, the Government would stop the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) from having to get involved in the criminal justice system.

The newspaper reported that the plans are designed to emphasise the fact benefits are privileges, although people would only be punished once, rather than by both the courts and the DWP.

London, Manchester and Birmingham were among the English cities hit by rioting last month, with shops and homes damaged in the upheaval.

The justice system came under strain following the violence, as it aimed to keep up with a high number of arrests.