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‘Simpler’ work tribunals on the cards

‘Simpler’ work tribunals on the cards

New rules aimed at simplifying and improving employment tribunals are set to come into force this summer.

Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson has announced plans to make tribunals more understandable, more efficient and to help remove weak claims. In 2011 the Government commissioned Mr Justice Underhill, former president of the Employment Appeal Tribunal, to head a review of the rules for employment tribunals. The Government, in response, has now outlined proposals to smooth out the process and make it easier for everyone to understand.

The plans the Government has agreed include new strike-out powers to make sure that weak cases unworthy for full hearings are stopped as soon as possible. Employment tribunal presidents’ guidance will also be sought to help ensure that judges handle hearings with consistency so parties know what to expect. The new rules might also make it easier to withdraw and dismiss claims by cutting the paperwork involved. Ms Swinson said the Government is “committed” to finding ways of resolving workplace disputes without both sides ending up in front of a tribunal.

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