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Under 11s ‘Reporting Child Abuse’

Under 11s ‘Reporting Child Abuse’

More than a tenth (11%) of the young people who contact ChildLine to report child abuse or fear of sexual abuse are primary school age, according to figures released by the charity. A total of 12,431 children had telephone counselling sessions after calling the 24-hour confidential helpline last year, of which 9,100 gave their age.

Two Thirds Reporting Child Abuse ‘Not Confided in Anyone Else’

More than two thirds (42%) of callers aged 11 or under reporting sexual abuse said they had not disclosed details of what had happened to them to anyone else before calling ChildLine. Perhaps because of the stigma attached to sexual abuse, those under 12 who suffer sexual abuse are three times as likely not to have told anyone about it before speaking to ChildLine, compared to other abuse. In total, 15% of primary school children calling about physical abuse had not confided in anyone else before contacting ChildLine, along with 13% of children reporting neglect, and 9% of children reporting emotional abuse. Sue Minto, head of ChildLine, said:

“It’s incredibly important that we protect children from the risk of sexual abuse as soon as possible, and this can be done through simple conversations with children at a young age.”

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