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Wage law-breaking firms targeted

Wage law-breaking firms targeted

Employers which refuse to pay their staff the minimum wage will be publicly named, according to the Government.

As of January 1, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills will disclose the names of firms which ignore the wage law.

The Government insisted the move is not an alternative to prosecution. According to the policy document: "The objective of the naming scheme is to raise awareness of NMW (national minimum wage) enforcement and deter employers who would otherwise be tempted to flout NMW law."

Revenue & Customs will send details of the crimes to the Business Department.

It will provide evidence that employers knowingly or deliberately ignored their NMW obligations, or that they did not take adequate steps to keep NMW records.

Tax officials can also submit evidence that an employer has delayed or obstructed a NMW compliance officer or that the employer refused or neglected to pay NMW arrears to workers.

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