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Worker receives £210,000 compensation

Worker receives £210,000 compensation

A worker left with blurred vision, anxiety and personality problems after an accident has received £210,000 in compensation.

David Prince, 58, from Doncaster, received the sum with help from UNISON after he was hit on the head with an iron bar while working as a reception assistant for Rampton Secure Hospital.

Mr Prince was inspecting an E H Lee delivery wagon when the incident happened. He asked the driver to open the side curtains of the vehicle to allow him to inspect it, but when the driver let go of the curtain the iron bar attached to it hit him on the left side of his head.

He suffered from immediate vision blurring, severe pain, tiredness and nausea. But after being taken to hospital he was discharged and cleared to continue working.

However, he continued to endure chronic headaches, have trouble concentrating and began behaving out of character in the aftermath of the accident.

In the two years after the incident, his employers shifted him around departments, testing a variety of tasks to see what would suit him best. But after several attempts Mr Prince was retired on the grounds of ill health.

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