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Global news platforms were quick to highlight in 2020 (post-lock down), a significant spike in divorce applications. This was certainly the case for IBB Law’s family team. We reported a short dip in enquiries for April, no doubt while the impact of the pandemic was being processed, but matter openings have continued to grow month on month since June 2020 and the department remains busier than ever.

Regardless of whether individuals are seeking mediation or if a divorce petition has already been submitted, Harod has worked extensively with family lawyers, including partners like IBB Law to either confirm or bolster transparency relating to their partner/ex-partner’s financial and commercial interests (both in a known and unknown capacity), ensuring the client has knowledge in respect of financial assets/funds.

Traditionally, Harod had always been instructed to investigate the position of an ex-partner’s assets at the post-financial disclosure stage. However, increasingly law firms have recognised the importance and value of initiating these investigations from day one,  ultimately driving the divorce financial strategy by gaining full transparency of the client’s ex-partners assets and financial dealings/earnings. Leading, in many cases, to  a substantial uplift in settlement value and both time/money saved by not ‘shooting blindly’ in areas typically difficult to achieve transparency.

Often parties to a divorce are sceptical, emotionally drained, untrusting to external parties, overwhelmed by the entire divorce process and harbouring anxieties surrounding the finances. Too often have these vulnerabilities been exploited by third party organisations, profiteering on fears/suspicions of the clients, leveraging on these heightened emotions, by promoting at great cost, services such as covert surveillance , initiating investigations on the legitimacy of suspected infidelities or even obtaining information unlawfully. Worst still, many third parties openly mislead clients by advocating hacking of mobiles/computers, or falsely claiming bank account balances can be obtained, consistently turning a blind eye to practices/understanding of the cases concerning improperly obtained documents.  All of which detracts from the core objective, which is to ascertain what the client is financially entitled to  and not to compromise the case by engaging in non-legal/ill-informed methods.

Harod deploys world-leading intelligence and investigations experience, staffed by former UK Government investigators, many with more than 30 years’ experience in conducting global intelligence and investigations to the highest levels of international legal standards. Harod incorporates traditional techniques with unique proprietary forensic cyber monitoring and investigatory technology, which solidified its reputation during its role as the Chief Investigator against the Russian State’s involvement of cheating and corruption during the Sochi Olympics. Our unique technology comprises of a cyber investigation platform and social media monitoring software, both of which are global, language agnostic and provide significant insight in a fraction of the time it would normally take a human, obtained both ethically and legally. For example, the systems retain access to international corporate structure data bases, offshore deep web dataset leaks and access to over 104 social media platforms. Leading to, in the last 4 years alone, cemented a reputation as a leader in asset tracing by identify over $1.4 billion in hidden identifiable assets, both on and offshore.

Harod has had great success in supporting clients and their family law teams, and although an investigator would never be short-sighted enough to ensure that there is a always success in non-disclosed assets, it ensures clients and their legal teams retain ‘peace of mind’ alleviating any future anxieties about what a client believes they should have received as a financial settlement.

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