Ed Marchant Comments in CNN Money: Uber Drivers in the U.K. Win Landmark Case

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Uber drivers in the U.K. won a landmark court case Friday that means they will qualify for the minimum wage, paid time off and other perks.

An employment tribunal in London ruled that the drivers should be considered “workers” rather than self-employed contractors, dealing a major blow to Uber.

“This is a monumental victory that will have a hugely positive impact on over 30,000 drivers in London and across England and Wales and for thousands more in other industries where bogus self-employment is rife,” said Maria Ludkin, legal director for the GMB labor union that represented the drivers.

Ed Marchant, an employment law expert at IBB Solicitors commented on CNN Money:

“Under U.K. law, they could even claim back pay for the period they’ve already worked for Uber.

From Uber’s perspective the substantial additional cost resulting from the judgment means that they are likely to significantly change their business model and/or pass these extra costs onto customers”.

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