Frogmore v Nationwide Building Society: Andrew Olins Comments in the FT

Frogmore v Nationwide Building Society: Andrew Olins Comments in the FT

Frogmore, a UK property company, is suing Nationwide Building Society for breach of a contract relating to the sale of commercial property loans in 2014. Frogmore is claiming damages of at least £57.6 million. 

Andrew Olins, IBB's real estate dispute resolution partner, commented:

"Frogmore's claims raise serious questions for Nationwide to answer, and the answers received so far lack credibility.

It is understood that Frogmore feels aggrieved. If Nationwide behaved as Frogmore says it ought to have behaved, Frogmore would now own its three shopping centres with £57 million less debt. 

Nationwide Building Society disputes the claim and legal proceedings are in progress. To read the full article please click here or the download link below.

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