EncroChat – What is it, what’s happened and what does that mean for EncroChat users?

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EncroChat was a European communications company based in France. It designed and sold messaging phones which had various features (e.g. GPS) removed to improve security.

These measures meant that EncroChat phones were used by High Net Worth individuals, celebrities and criminal gangs. It is estimated that there were more than 60,000 users in Europe, including 10,000 in the UK. Users paid thousands of dollars per year for the service.

In 2020, EncroChat was hacked in a secret operation by the French Gendarmerie and the Dutch police. This operation allowed them to copy everything on the EncroChat servers and access encrypted messages. They learnt that many EncroChat users were discussing serious criminal activity such as murder, drugs and guns.

If you are an EncroChat user, there is a possibility that the police or NCA have accessed you communications. To find out more about what this means for you, contact our expert Criminal Defence Team on 0330 999 4999 or email criminaldefence@ibblaw.co.uk