Nearly 200,000 views on YouTube and counting! Introducing our Conveyancing Explainer Videos Series

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Nearly 200,000 views on YouTube and counting! Introducing our Conveyancing Explainer Videos Series

When we first drafted the content for my team’s animated Conveyancing Explainer Video Series, I had no idea how popular they would become. The initial series was completed recently and clearly homeowners and buyers are finding them helpful. Our clients have certainly been appreciative to have this resource, reporting back to our team about how informative, easy viewing and helpful the video series has been for their house moving experience – with some very grateful clients commenting how little information is out there on this subject.

Eight videos cover the following key stages on the house moving process:

  • “Buying a House: Things to do first” –  This video is particularly popular with first time buyers. There are a lot of tasks to consider including due diligence requirements concerning funding, advice on surveys and inspecting the property at different times and understanding the process. In addition, we have produced a Digital Conveyancing Guide.
  • “Buying a property with joint ownership” – Buying a property together is exciting, but also needs careful consideration. So understanding the options of joint ownership is vital. This video advises on these options and discusses how unequal shares in the property should be properly recorded between the parties in a Declaration of Trust. In addition, our Family Team can advise on Cohabitee Agreements and our Private Client Team on Wills in conjunction with joint ownership.
  • “Property Searches: What are they?” – Depending upon the property and where it is located your solicitor may advise a buyer to have multiple searches carried out. This video provides a useful overview of searches undertaken by solicitors on a buyer’s behalf and is equally interesting to sellers who want to understand what exactly is being investigated.
  • “Enquiries before Contract: What are they?”– Known to solicitors as “additional enquiries” these legal questions cover many areas relating to the title deeds and property – likely more than you think!
  • “What is a mortgage offer?” – You probably have a good idea of what a mortgage offer is, but this video provides a closer look and advises of how not to fall foul of an onerous special condition imposed by the mortgage lender, or checking for common errors or discrepancies. Can you afford not to view this video?
  • “Report on Title: Everything you need to know” – One of the most popular videos in the series. A useful overview of perhaps the most vital stage of the conveyancing process.
  • “Exchange of Contracts” – The final check and process before legally committing to buy and sell a property. A very exciting time for many, but do view this video to see what actually happens.
  • “Completion of your House Purchase” – You are almost there, but not quite. This video explains the final key stages. Do not fall at the last hurdle!

My team is dedicated in trying to make the client experience of engaging with conveyancing solicitors as helpful, transparent, and positive as possible. Having an overview of the process has been welcomed by our clients with the videos taking some of the stress and mysteries out of the process. Limiting the use of legal jargon combined with clear information and good communication is what we strive to offer our clients – whether a first-time buyer or on the tenth house move. I am delighted with the amount of hits the videos receive on YouTube and on our website. My thanks to all my colleagues involved in producing what has become a very popular view on YouTube.


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Partner & Head of Residential Conveyancing

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