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Law Society backs family justice proposals

Law Society backs family justice proposals

Plans to improve the family justice system have received backing from The Law Society. The organisation backed findings by the Family Justice Review, that concluded the current system was under great strain and in need of improvement to tackle delays and make it more coherent. In its interim report on the system, the review panel said organisational changes and better management were needed to reduce the pressure on the system and also divert more cases away from the courts.

Law Society President Linda Lee said,

“Reform on the scale required cannot be delivered without proper investment. Family cases are complex, sensitive issues and highly stressful for the children and adults involved. The outcomes have far-reaching effects on the lives of all parties but particularly children. There is a moral and social imperative for the system to provide speedy and effective outcomes in the interests of children. In many cases, mediation and other alternative ways of resolving disputes will be effective and helpful, but there will always be parties whose disputes, ultimately, will need to be resolved by a court. They too require and deserve better from the system. While we do not agree with all the review proposals, we recognise that no proposed solution to systemic problems of this magnitude can be perfect. We therefore support and join with the review panel’s drive for far-reaching change to family justice in England,” she added.

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