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New rules target drink-drivers

New rules target drink-drivers

New drink-drive regulations, aimed at stopping the most dangerous offenders getting back behind the wheel, are set to come into force next month.

Currently, high-risk offenders who have been banned from driving have to pass a medical examination before they can be issued with a new driving licence. But they can begin driving as soon as they’ve applied for their licence and prior to taking and passing the medical.

But from June 1 at the end of their disqualification period and before they can start driving again they will have to pass a medical that confirms they are no longer dependent on alcohol.

Road safety minister Stephen Hammond said: “Drink-drivers are a menace and it is right that we do everything we can to keep the most high-risk offenders off the road.”

The new rules, which will be in force in just four weeks’ time, will also mean that drink-drivers obstructing police officers by refusing to have their blood sample analysed will be treated in the same way as other high-risk offenders.

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