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Over a Third of Men in the UK Have Admitted to Being the Victim in a Coercive Control Relationship

Over a Third of Men in the UK Have Admitted to Being the Victim in a Coercive Control Relationship

More than a third of men in the UK have admitted to being the victim in a coercive control relationship, according to recent research commissioned by IBB and conducted by independent research agency Atomik amongst 1,000 men and 1,000 women aged 18-65.

The research also found that more than half of respondents (53 per cent) had experienced some kind of bullying or controlling behaviour at the hands of their partner. This was the exact same percentage of female respondents who said they had been in this kind of relationship.

Kate Ryan, a family law partner at IBB Solicitors, said:

“In the 15 years I have been practicing I have seen an increase in cases for both male and female victims from all walks of life including professionals. I think there are more men coming forward now there is better support out there in terms of mental health and psychological support. There are also a lot of charities helping and generally society has less stigma around the subject so men are feeling there is less of an issue coming forward and speaking to police and lawyers telling them that they’re experiencing this kind of relationship.”

Other highlights of the research are included in an in-depth report written by IBB around making current legislation and proposed revisions in the Draft Domestic Abuse Bill work more effectively.

Controlling or Coercive Behaviour in Relationships: Making Legislation Work More Effectively for Victims from IBB Solicitors

It includes detailed interviews with victims of coercive control, police officers and detectives working or who have worked in domestic violence and homicide units, family law barristers specialising in domestic abuse cases, domestic violence advisory groups and charities, as well as a psychotherapist and leading forensic psychiatrist in the UK.

As lawyers, IBB is not only committed to doing the best for its clients, but also taking an active role in campaigning for change or potential revisions in the wider sphere of legislation.

Responding to IBB’s report, Mark Brooks OBE, Chair of the ManKind Initiative, said:

The ManKind Initiative has longed believed that the wilful and continual breach of child arrangement orders, parental alienation and financial abuse in parental separation matters must be classed as domestic abuse. These actions are clearly coercive and controlling behaviour – however, the law as it currently stands does not recognise them as such. We hope that the coming Domestic Abuse Act will change that.

“We run a national helpline for male victims which provides them with emotional support, practical information and signposts them onto local organisations. Many of those men who call us talk about how they are deliberately controlled and coerced by their ex-partner through their children without any consequences.

“We also have a list of solicitors who are male-victim friendly and we regularly train professionals across the UK on how to better support male victims.”

For more information on The Mankind Initiative please call 01823 334244 or visit www.mankind.org.uk

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