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Probate Fees Update

Probate Fees Update

probate fees update in the House of Commons

The Probate Fees Order has been included in the House of Commons business. At present, no actual date has been set. If it is passed, the new fees will come into effect 21 days thereafter for all Probate applications. As there is a new Parliamentary session due in June, the Government will need to pass this Order before then for it to take effect. If they do not, then the Order will lapse.

The Probate Fees Order introduces a new fees schedule replacing the current fee of £155 if an application for Probate is made by a solicitor and £215 if made by an individual. If the estate is below £50,000 there will be no fee, but for estates in excess of £2,000,000 the fee is £6,000. There is a graduated scale for estates between these values so for example, an estate between £500,000 and £1,000,000 would have a fee of £2,500. These new fees do not reflect the cost of processing the application for Probate. Further, the value of the estate does not in any way affect the cost of the work of the Probate Registry. The Government has stated that the increased fees are intended to meet the shortfall in the Court system. It is difficult to see these fees as anything other than a further tax on death.

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