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Wills, Trusts & Probate

Probate Services

Probate Services

Our probate solicitors

Our Probate Solicitors and Executives are able to help you to deal with the process of administering an estate following the death of a family member or friend.

Probate is often used to describe the process of administering an estate. In fact it applies only when somebody has died leaving a will. If a person dies without a will then their estate is Intestate. We can advise on applying for probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration following an intestacy.

The experience and range of expertise within the team means that we are able to deal with all aspects of the probate process. We regularly deal with estates where Inheritance Tax is payable. We can also deal with business assets and domicile issues. Where necessary we draw upon the expertise of other teams in IBB Solicitors.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are disputes either about the Will or by beneficiaries or executors. Our Probate Litigation Team is able to assist.

Contact our probate solicitors today on  01494 790002 or email jacqueline.almond@ibblaw.co.uk.