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Russell Hallam appointed as a Court of Protection Panel Deputy

Russell Hallam appointed as a Court of Protection Panel Deputy

More than 600 specialist solicitors from UK law firms applied to become a Panel Member and at the end of the rigorous 8 week selection process, just 60 Panel Deputies were selected. Russell’s appointment with immediate effect by the Office of the Public Guardian means he may be called upon by the Court to act for an individual in Court of Protection proceedings who lacks the mental capacity to make decisions and does not have a close family member who is willing, able or suitable to take on the role.

Whilst being personally delighted to be chosen, Russell also believes his appointment also reflects the reputation, experience and approach to sensitive private client legal work of Turbervilles as whole. The firm’s Private Client Department has a wealth of experience in helping clients who may lack mental capacity which may arise as a result of age related issues, accidental injury and a wide range of learning disability.

Mental Capacity legal help

Russell regularly speaks to parent groups at talks arranged by MENCAP and others on issues of capacity and learning disability and has a reputation for plain speaking which is easily understood by clients and their families. Turbervilles has seen a significant increase in this type of work over the past 5 years and has a knowledgeable, empathetic and efficient team to support this difficult yet rewarding area of the law.

Court of Protection legal services

Unless there is the unlikely event of a conflict of interest, Russell and/or other solicitors in the Private Client team can guide and assist on Court of Protection legal issues. It is important to understand that taking on the role of Deputy will result in a considerable amount of work, paperwork and reporting and ongoing scrutiny. When combined with the day to day responsibility and practicalities of caring for a loved one some of the formalities can appear onerous and this is where good advice can help.

We are available to help in areas including :

  • Advice on the process of applying to be appointed as a deputy, help with completing the paperwork and with responsibilities and legal duties should you apply and are successful
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Statutory Wills and trusts
  • Personal injury trusts, including those for children
  • Health and welfare disputes