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‘Unreasonable’ Ex-Wife Loses Appeal

‘Unreasonable’ Ex-Wife Loses Appeal

A divorcee slammed for her “unreasonable” approach to mediation has lost a court battle over her share of her ex-husband’s yearly bonus. A bank boss in the 40s, who has not been named, appealed to the High Court after a district judge ruled that his ex-wife was entitled to 25% of his annual bonus, as well as at least £400,000 from the sale of a property, a share of his pensions and monthly payments of £3,750. Speak to a family lawyer if you are going through a difficult family financial matter.

A High Court judge capped the bonus share given to the woman, who is in her 50s, at £20,000 a year, following a hearing in December. Mrs Justice Eleanor King was informed that the man earned a salary of £250,000 and had received an annual bonus worth £200,000 in each of the last three years. In an earlier stage of litigation in June 2013 another High Court judge had suggested capping the woman’s bonus share.

Mr Justice Mostyn had called on the couple to “engage in mediation” in order to reach an agreement over the bonus dispute. However the court was told that mediation had not taken place because the couple had failed to agree on an “appropriate” mediator. Mr Justice Mostyn said that the woman’s “unreasonable” approach in insisting on a “top drawer and top price” mediator and lawyers attending the mediation sessions had caused an immovable roadblock to the dispute. Neither party was named in the judgement.

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