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Will the Removal of White Lines Really Improve Road Safety?

Will the Removal of White Lines Really Improve Road Safety?

White lines and road safety measures

Opinion is divided on the removal of white lines from the centre of roads despite trials showing that motorists drive slower once the lines are removed. Pilots in Wiltshire and Derby have shown a reduction in speeds and fewer accidents. The scheme has also been piloted by Transport for London who reported a reduction of 13% in speeds on roads where the white line had been removed.

It is not suggested currently, that white lines are removed from busy fast roads, but instead where the roads are quieter and already subject to a lower speed limit. Research has shown that, where there are fewer road markings, drivers are more cautious – which in turn leads to safer roads.

Gary Rae campaigns director for BRAKE has expressed concern at the plans stating:

“while crashes at lower speeds can mean fewer deaths and serious injuries this data only seems to look at a possible reduction in average speed and not at the number and nature of collisions…. With or without white lines, drivers should always drive to the conditions of the road and well within the speed limit”

Further concerns were raised about the impact of the removal of white lines upon the safety technology in modern cars – which relies upon painted road markings for lane control.

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