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Episode 9: Family Law with Jolene and Kate

Episode 9: Family Law with Jolene and Kate

In this podcast, Kate Ryan and Jolene Hutchison, both Family Law Partners at IBB Law, discuss why they chose Family Law, their route into Partnership, aspects they enjoy and dislike, how to juggle motherhood and a career, and provide their top tips for Juniors and for those also juggling a career and motherhood.

“I wanted to combine a challenging career and also work with people to guide them and help them through a period of their lives which wasn’t particularly easy. Family Law certainly does that on both levels and I feel quite lucky that I can genuinely say I enjoy that aspect of my job.” – Kate Ryan

“You’ve also got the personal side of it versus the academic, strategy, the litigation, the fast pace… But you’ve also got to bring that back and recognise that people are trusting you with the most precious elements of their lives in relation to their children, their financial security, so you wear many hats as a family lawyer. Often lawyer is quite far down the list, it’s kind of a confidant, a friend, a social worker, a therapist, and then it’s important that you can juggle all the academic side of it with building rapport with clients.” – Jolene Hutchison


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