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Mark Butler

Mark Butler LLB (Hon’s) is an Independent Barrister Consulting for IBB Law, instructed by IBB’s Crown Court Department.

Mark is a specialist in Criminal Law and originally qualified as a Barrister-at-Law being called to the Bar in 1995, before he obtained dual qualification as a Solicitor in 1997. He was awarded Higher Rights in 1998 and has continued to practice almost exclusively in the Crown Courts ever since.

Mark is now back at the independent Bar but consults for IBB and is our ‘standing counsel’ for all matters criminal.

Mark is a member of the LSC’s VHCC Panel (Very High Cost Criminal Cases) and is entitled to Lead and be Led in VHCC Cases as an Advocate. Mark is also a member of the Serious Fraud Panel, and has Led in a murder trials at the Central Criminal Court and elsewhere.

Mark has been instructed in over 60 murder trials both as a Junior, Leader and Led Junior.

Mark has conducted many complex trials and has developed a wide experience in defending cases of;

  • Murder (including complex murder trials);
  • Manslaughter;
  • Causing death by dangerous driving;
  • Serious sexual offences (including rape, incest and historical child abuse);
  • Drug Conspiracies;
  • ‘Grooming’ sexual offences;
  • Firearm cases including large conspiracies;
  • Robbery including armed robberies, cash in transit and conspiracies;
  • Kidnap, False Imprisonment and Section 18 cases;
  • Section 18, section 20 GBH (grievous bodily harm);
  • Fraud and public order offences.

Case Highlights

  1. Led Junior in 50+ Murder trials over the last 26 years. These include many gang related murders and conspiracy to murder trials.
  2. Junior alone in a murder trial at Oxford Crown Court in 2020 (husband decapitated his wife). The defendant feigned mental health illness and as such Mark had to put the Crown to strict proof. Case involved no less than 8 separate prosecution experts which Mark was required to cross examine.
  3. Currently instructed in various other murder trials.
  4. Current case load also includes:
    • Allegation of Attempted Murder, 13 defendants, I act for D1 as junior alone;
    • Allegation of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving;
    • Historical Rape and child abuse;
    • Armed robbery of convenience stores;
    • Section 18 – gang fight;

Mark is able, if necessary, to carry on the case in the absence of Queen’s Counsel. Mark also has a great deal of experience in analysing complex telephone schedules and preparing defence bundles.

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