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Domestic Violence Solicitors

Domestic violence or domestic abuse is behaviour that leads to an assault, or that makes someone feel threatened, intimidated or pestered. It is carried out by a person who is ‘related’ to you, for example a family member or someone you live with.

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What protection can I get?

  1. If you feel in immediate danger it is important that you phone the police on the emergency telephone number as soon as possible.
  2. If you believe that the abuse is low-level a solicitor may assist you in writing a warning letter to the person concerned.
  3. If you want to prevent a certain type of behaviour, for example someone sending you harassing text messages, you can apply to the Court for a ‘Non-Molestation Order
  4. If you need to be protected from someone violent or abusive from attending your home, if they also have a right to live there, you can apply to the Court for an ‘Occupation Order.
  5. You may choose to accept an ‘Undertaking’ from the person who is abusing you, instead of a Court Order. This is a binding promise to the Court and if broken the person can be found in contempt of Court.
  6. If the person breaches a Non-Molestation Order this is a criminal offence and they may be prosecuted.
  7. If the person breaches an Occupation Order they may be taken back to Court for enforcement, which may include a prison sentence.

Restraining Orders are remedies available from the Criminal Courts as a result of a Criminal prosecution.

If you are a female victim of domestic abuse, here is some further reading:

If you are a male victim of domestic abuse, here is some further reading:

If you are suffering from domestic violence or domestic abuse, please contact IBB in confidence to arrange a meeting and protect yourself and your children: email us at or call us on 01895 207857.

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