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Intra-Company Transfer visas

An Intra-Company Transfer visa or ICT visa allows eligible individuals to work at a UK office, branch or subsidiary of an overseas company. It has replaced the Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer Long-Term Staff visa.

For those in training, there is also an Intra-Company Graduate Trainee visa, which replaces the Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) Graduate Trainee visa.

UK Intra Company Transfer visas are intended to allow businesses to bring necessary workers to the UK on a temporary basis to fill a vacancy where no settled worker can take on the role. Workers will need to show that they have the necessary skills and experience as well as sufficient funds to maintain themselves.

IBB Law’s expert business immigration solicitors represent both businesses and individuals in dealing with visa applications as well as visa refusals, rejections and renewals. Our in-depth knowledge of the complex visa system means that we can ensure your application is correct and as strong as possible.

Our team works across a wide range of sectors and has a strong commercial understanding. We know how important it is that your business is able to employ the right people and that skilled workers can take advantage of opportunities when they arise. We can guide you through the Intra Company Transfer visa UK application process and, in due course, the renewals procedure.

We can also advise you in respect of the full range of other types of UK visas, to make sure that you have chosen the best route to the UK or in the event that your application for an Intra-Company Transfer visa is refused.

Intra company transfer indefinite leave to remain is not available, however for those wishing to settle in the UK on a more permanent basis, we can go through your options with you.

Complete support for Intra-Company Transfer visa applications

We deal with applications on behalf of individuals and businesses from all over the world for bringing workers to UK branches or offices. Our experienced immigration lawyers offer a full range of services, including:

  • Assessing eligibility for an Intra-Company Transfer visa
  • Putting together supporting documentation for an Intra-Company Transfer visa application
  • Making an Intra-Company Transfer visa application
  • Advice in respect of an Intra-Company Transfer visa rejection or refusal
  • Renewing an Intra-Company Transfer visa

We also represent employers in making sponsor licence applications for authority to bring workers to the UK.

Why choose IBB Law for help with applying for an Intra-Company Transfer visa?

The UK immigration experts at IBB Law provide the following expertise and service:

  • In-depth knowledge of UK Immigration laws, policies and procedures.
  • Hands on support from experts who keep up-to-date with developments in the law so that you always receive practical and accurate advice.
  • A cost-effective and timely service with great attention to detail.
  • Independently accredited immigration expertise with our team being ranked by leading client guide the Legal 500 for Immigration Law.

Looking for immediate help with an Intra-Company Transfer visa application?

Our highly experienced Intra-Company Transfer visa lawyers can assist you with all of your visa requirements and answer any questions you may have regarding obtaining a visa for you or a worker you wish to bring in from an overseas branch.

To discuss your situation with our industry-leading business immigration solicitors, you can call us on 03456 381381 or email

How to apply for an Intra-Company Transfer visa for the UK

In this guide you will find more information in the following key areas:

Making an Intra-Company Transfer visa application

To be eligible to apply for an Intra-Company Transfer visa, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a certificate of sponsorship from your employer
  • Provide evidence that you have worked for your employer outside of the UK for the required period of time, which will depend on the salary you paid
  • Have a job that is on the list of eligible occupations
  • Be paid the minimum eligible salary

The period of time you need to have worked for your employer is as follows:

Intra-Company Transfer (earning less than £73,900 a year): 12 months
Intra-Company Transfer (earning £73,900 a year or more) no minimum time
Intra-Company Graduate Trainee:  3 months

Minimum salary requirements are as follows:

Intra-Company Transfer visa: £41,500 or the going rate for your job, whichever is higher

Intra-Company Graduate Trainee visa:  £23,000 or 70% of the going rate for your job, whichever is higher

The accepted going rate for jobs and confirmation of whether it is considered an eligible job are available via the government website.

When making the application, you will need to supply the following information and documents:

  • Certificate of sponsorship and reference number; the certificate needs to have been updated if it was issued before 1 December 2020
  • Valid passport or other identity document
  • Job title and annual salary
  • Occupation code for the job
  • Employer’s name and sponsor licence number
  • Proof of your financial means to support yourself, unless your certificate of sponsorship states that your employer is able to do this
  • Evidence of your relationship with your partner and/or children if they are also applying
  • Tuberculosis test results where required

Certified translations will need to be provided where documents are not in English or Welsh.

You may also be asked to provide other items, such as payslips or bank statements showing that you have been working for your employer for the required period of time.

Our immigration experts can put a strong application together on your behalf and ensure that the correct supporting documentation is included.

Intra-Company Transfer visa refusals and rejections

If your application is refused or rejected, you should be given a letter explaining why this has happened. If your application contained mistakes, you can reapply, making sure that you explain why the mistakes were made and stating that they were genuine errors.

If you believe that UK Visas and Immigration have made an error in processing your application, you can ask for the decision to go through an administrative review.

It is always recommended that you seek help from an immigration lawyer in the event that your visa has been refused or rejected, to ensure that you follow the correct process and that you have the best chance of success in reapplying or securing an administrative review.

Our visa experts can advise you in respect of the grounds for requesting a review and where possible, challenge a visa refusal on your behalf. Please feel free to contact our immigration team at IBB Law, and we will be happy to provide clear, expert advice in respect of your options.

Renewing an Intra-Company Transfer visa

You can apply to extend an Intra-Company Transfer visa from the UK provided all of the following apply:

  • You are still in the same job and it has the same occupation code
  • You are still working for the same employer
  • You have not reached the maximum total stay, which is generally five years in any six year period if you are paid less than £73,900 per year or nine years in any ten years if you are paid £73,900 or more

Alternatives to an Intra-Company Transfer visa

Other visas that may be appropriate if you are not able to secure an Intra-Company Transfer visa include:

For more information in respect of our services, see UK business immigration lawyers.