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Report on Title

Whether buying a home or making a property investment, an essential step in the process is for a lawyer to thoroughly research the legal title to the land and to report on this.

The Report on Title sets out all of the information the lawyer has collected about the legal title to the property and explains what it means to the buyer. When the buyer understands the title information, they are able to make a fully-informed decision about whether or not to buy and, if they do, what to expect in relation to their ownership. Most reports on title will also include additional information and are not limited to the legal title, for example:

  1. What is physically being bought
  2. Whether the seller has the right to sell
  3. Charges on the land
  4. Rights for the owner or neighbours that benefit or burden the land
  5. The seller’s answers to the buyer’s lawyer’s Enquiries
  6. The results of the Property Searches
  7. Any other relevant information such as reporting on a mortgage offer


When will I receive the Report on Title?

Usually once your lawyer is satisfied they have obtained all the necessary information, although occasionally it is provided in advance of this.