The Contract Package

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The Contract Package

Preparing the Contract Package is the first stage of the conveyancing process once a lawyer has been instructed in full and a sale has been agreed.

The Contract Package is prepared by the seller’s lawyer and will include, as a minimum, the following:

  1. The Draft Contract
  2. Title Register and Plan for the Property
  3. Any associated documents referred to in the Title Register for the Property
  4. The Protocol Forms
  5. Energy Performance Certificate

It is useful if the Contract Package also includes additional information such as planning and building regulation documents for any works historically carried out on the property along with any guarantees/warranties for such works (and referred to in the Protocol Forms). Where the property is leasehold, replies to leasehold enquiries from the Landlord and/or Management Company should also be provided.

Ensuring that the Contract Package is full and complete will prevent the buyer’s lawyer needing to raise enquiries about missing documents. This can cause significant delays especially where. third parties need to be contacted, such as a Local Authority for planning documents.

If a property is unregistered, then additional work is required to compile the Contract Package as an Epitome of Title will need to be prepared. It is therefore important to provide any and all documentation held in respect of the Title for the Property.


Epitome of Title

A schedule of all the documents required to deduce (prove) title to unregistered land and prove ownership.