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Recognised commercial mediation services

Disputes between parties – whether relating to business ownership, commercial contracts, property developments or franchising – don’t always have to go to court to be resolved. At IBB Solicitors, our specialist team will help you to resolve your disputes quickly and easily – often without the need for court intervention.

For advice on workplace mediation and dispute resolution services for employers, please click here.

A viable alternative to litigation

Mediation is not just an effective way to resolve conflicts – it’s affordable too.  A successful mediation can  substantially reduce your legal costs and facilitate a resolution in a more informal and collaborative atmosphere.  Other benefits include confidentiality and flexibility.

Our accredited mediators are experienced at facilitating compromise in a structured manner. They are able to act as advisers and representatives during the mediation process or act as the independent third party mediator in a  wide range of commercial and real estate disputes including those relating to:

Our aim is to provide you with a cost-effective alternative to litigation, where the parties come to an agreement that they are in control of. We’re not here to force a resolution, but to help both parties find common ground from which a successful outcome can be reached. Our mediators are chosen for their expertise in commercial, employment and real estate law.

For more details on our mediation service call us now on 01895 207954. Alternatively, email paul.kite@ibblaw.co.uk

For more details on our real estate dispute resolution service call us now on 01895 207988. Alternatively please email propertydisputes@ibblaw.co.uk.

For advice on workplace mediation and dispute resolution services for employers, please click here.