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Dilapidations is frequently an area of dispute between landlords and tenants as it can cover variety of issues including disrepair, redecoration and reinstatement of Premises. Tenants seek to minimise their liability whilst landlords seek to place as much of the burden for repairing and refurbishing the premises on the tenant. The repairing obligations in a lease can be onerous on a tenant and therefore costly to comply with. Further, dilapidations claims do give rise to difficult legal, surveying and valuation issues which can be further complicated by Schedules of Condition, tenant alterations, and concerns about potential loss of rent.

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Therefore, it is important for all parties to obtain expert legal and surveying advice at an early stage. Tenants should be considering their potential exposure and any defences that may be available to them to mitigate such exposure. Likewise, landlords will require specialist advice to ensure that they can maximise their recovery.

IBB’s Real Estate Dispute Resolution team has a proven track record in providing expert advice and commercial solutions in dilapidations disputes. We regularly advise landlords, tenants and property managers on dilapidations claims and disputes over repairing covenants. We have acted for tenants defending dilapidations claims in excess of £5 million, which have involved complex issues regarding standard of repair and valuation, amongst others. We have extensive experience of resolving dilapidations disputes through all forms of dispute resolution from mediation to trial at the High Court and Technology and Construction Court.

We will agree to handling certain elements of a dilapidations claim, such as service of the schedule and carrying out an initial review of the claim, on a fixed-fee basis.

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Please note: our legal team are unable to provide legal advice without charge. We will provide you with a pricing proposal at the outset and we usually require monies on account before commencing work.


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